क्षेत्रीय आयुर्विज्ञान अनुसंधान केन्द्र
(भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान अुनसंधान परिषद)

पोर्ट ब्लेयर, भारत

Seminars & Symposia

Leptospirosis International Workshop - Once in 3 years | Bioinformatics Workshop - Yearly once (2014 to 2017)

World Congress on Leptospirosis
International Seminar on Atypical Clinical Presentations, Pathophysiology and Serovars and Genotypes Involved in Leptospirosis

A typical clinical presentations often associated with high fatality are major concern in clinical management of leptospirosis cases. There is a necessity to adopt rational treatment practices based on available evidence. The seminar was a forum for a collective review of recent studies on different clinical syndromes of leptospirosis and the effectiveness of treatment regimens for these. About 15 experts from different parts of the country and about 100 other participants attended the seminar. The seminar covered historical aspects, new insights into pathogenesis provided by whole genome data of leptospires, epidemiology, clinical manifestations and treatment, some metabolic aspects, future strategies for control including case management, case reports of atypical presentations, renal and pulmonary manifestations and regional data on occurrence.

Seven experts delivered keynote addresses on selected aspects of leptospirosis. There were five free paper presentations on cases reports, case series of atypical clinical presentations. Various aspects of clinical manifestations, pathophysiology and treatment modalities were debated. Current evidence on pathogenesis and efficacy of treatment modalities were extensively discussed. The seminar will pave way for development of a protocol for management of patients with different clininal presentations of leptospirosis.

Seminar and Workshop on Bioinformatics Tools with reference to Targeted Gene Sequencing and Analysis

A 2-day seminar and workshop has been conducted on 26th & 27th March 2015 with an aim of sensitizing the participants towards the application of bioinformatics tools in analysing the targeted gene sequences obtained from Sanger as well as Next generation sequencing platforms. This two day programme comprised of lectures on introduction to different sequencing platforms, genotyping, MLST and SNP detection with hands-on training on sequence analysis using different analysis tools such as MEGA software v6 and Mothur pipeline.

Indo-German workshop on tropical diseases

Indo-German workshop on tropical diseases was organized at this Centre during 22-24 February 2002. The workshop was inaugurated by Shri N. N. Jha, Hon’ble Lt Governor of Andaman and Nicobar islands. Nine German and over 50 scientists from several parts of the country attended the workshop. The purpose of choosing Port Blair as the venue for this workshop on tropical diseases is to give the scientists and doctors working in these remote islands an exposure to the new advancements in the field of biomedical research on these infectious diseases.

Research methodology workshop

A research methodology workshop was organized as part of the Centenary celebration of the Indian Council of Medical Research in 2010. The workshop targeted research scholars, young scientists of the Centre, doctors from civil and military hospitals, scientists of other research institutions in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and doctors/scientists/post-graduate and doctoral students of Southern Region as well as from Centres/Hospitals participating in Leptospira Laboratory Network coordinated by the Centre. The work covered topics such as study designs, sampling procedure and sample size estimation, data types, hypothesis testing, inferential statistics, errors in epidemiology and cluster analysis. About 30 participants from various parts of the country participated in the workshop. Concept proposals presented by some of the participants were discussed to develop appropriate methodology.

Lepto workshop

Handson Workshop on Leptospirosis

CDBR release

Release of Community Bio-Diversity Registers in Car Nicobar

BIC seminar

Bioinformatics Seminar – Recent advances in genomics

Indo-German workshop

Indo-German workshop on tropical disease